The top 10 movies of 2013


Hello there and welcome to the countdown, 2013 was a interesting year for film,it was quite good to be fair there were bad films but I found myself struggling to see movies so bad it would make it on the list.

Now keep in mind two things as we did deep into this, one this is strictly of the movies I’ve seen I  haven’t seen all of them , and that this list is only opinion based and my opinion alone it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right or that the other team members agree with me, but I’m the resident movie reviewer so who cares about them right, lets count down the best movies of 2013.

10 – The World’s end

And if you think I did that just to rhyme I didn’t. I love this director and I love these films, for those of you who don’t know the cornetto trilogy is sort of a spiritual trilogy with references to each other, they are Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and now The World’s End,  I love all of these films and the worlds end was no exception, it had a great plot line and as usual great characters, Gary King the man who cant give up his glory days and takes all his old friends to finish a drinking challenge in their old hometown of making it through 12 pubs ending at the worlds end.

And then well things get crazy, all i can say is that its fun its funny and still manages to be emotional and make a few points about human nature, all in all it earns my  full recommendation, cheers!


9 – The Butler

Now this movie was good, it was well shot well acted well paced, it depicted a very racist time and i think it depicted it quite well, it falls a bit into the category of Oscar grabbing movie but that is just in it’s nature I think, this movie shines in a few areas, first in its realism, its characters react realistically there is no romanticism to these characters and we see basically they’re whole life, the people they meet moments they share their fears their strengths and how they deal with the time they were born in, they movie ends when Obama gets elected and its a pretty good spot to end in terms of showing the evolution of racism and of this mans life, its just good and denying it a place on this list wouldn’t make much sense.

The Butler (2013) Forest Whitaker (Screengrab)

(At the surprising number) 8  - The Family (Also know as Malavita)

This film is this high for one reason and one reason only, personality, pure undiluted style, in its writing in its pacing and in its characters, Robert De Niro plays a ex mafia that keeps moving his family around from place to place because he his still being chased by the mafia bosses, his whole family is basically screwed up and De Nniro himself as more than a few mental issues to deal with,  they are still incredibly likable despite that I’m really interested in what they pulled off here, 2012 for me was a year that people were starting to question creativity, this year changed that for me, malavita was a great film.


7 – Thor 2 

Who would have guessed it, its Thor 2, I never expected a Thor sequel to be good, and maybe that also influences why I like it so much, I think I’ve praised this movie enough in my review of it, but to me you cant get action movies much better than this.


6-  Dallas Buyer’s Club

This movie,  it had just as much personality as The Family and combined that with the realism and harshness of The Butler a strange mix but damn did it pay off, I’ve already reviewed this so go check out that review, Dallas is a movie that will stick with me for a long time.


5- Monster University 

I did not think I would like this film, much less put it at number 5, if you went back in time and told me I would do this I would act like you told me that I bought the Prometheus Blu Ray, yet, I cant deny it’s quality, well animated, really well written with a great moral to it, going back to the high-school days of Monsters Inc, it delivers a story and concept vastly surpassing it’s predecessor, with memorable characters like the bad-ass headmaster the librarian, the high-school anouncers one a loud jock and the other a quiet goth chick, and of course the duality between Mike and Sully, probably the best high-school movie I’ve seen, and a great number 5, as for the best animated film…well lets keep going.


4- Don Jon

We have a impressive director debut, hell yeah it’s Don Jon,  a movie with plenty of lessons to teach about love sex and beauty, and plenty of humor great pacing and charisma to back it up, check out our review and take a look at Don Jon it is well worth your time and more than worth this number 4.


3- Ender’s Game

As soon as I left the theater I bought the book, and as far as book adaptations go, It’s pretty good, it kept a lot of elements intact and the overall feel was there and that’s a lot more important than some elements being added or subtracted, on top of that its just a good movie, very few failings in itself, a great buildup and even better payoff , amazing effects bringing to life this world pretty perfectly considering that the book doesn’t offer many descriptions of what things look like and the ones that are given are mainly respected, it was just epic in its scale and in its execution, ending could have been better but in terms of money management and run time, I can understand why they did it, best Sci Fi movie of the year and to me is my new favorite sci fi franchise.


2- Rush

It’s stranger nowadays when you think a movie is gonna be awesome, and it pays off, it was that with Rush, Ron Howard promised and he delivered, our review was done by car enthusiast frank rod from our site, yet, even not knowing  and really not caring much about formula 1 or cars i still love this film,because its not about F1 its about a rivalry and the characters behind it, hell Niki Lauda is still alive and they brought him in to help with the film, and it shows it really does, there’s passion here, in it’s characters in it’s writers in its director there is passion for film here and that is worth of all the praise we can give this film, so, whats better than Rush ?


For my number one film of 2013, there was really only one choice.

1- Frozen

I still cant really believe myself in how much I love this film, but the more I look at it its just astounding,completely astounding, Elsa and Ana provide such a simple and complex duality to the film while maintaining similarity’s , the soundtrack is amazing and diverse reaching a level Disney hasn’t reached in years, not to mention the visuals that I still stand by as the current pinnacle of 3d animation, It’s a movie that you can see with your whole family, if I had to nominate it for anything I would give it 3 Oscars, best soundtrack best original song and best animated feature, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself Disney has released plenty of scenes from the film and even the “let it go” sequence which is in my opinion the best part of the film, so take a look, it all gets better with context, but this film i would urge you not to pass up. Best movie of the year and best animated film I have seen in some time, good job Disney, bloody good job.


Now I know what your thinking , this guy is getting soft, giving frozen the number one spot shame on you, oh yeah? Well join me next time chaps, this may have been a good year but there are still some films worth of a good kick in the teeth, see you next time.

Until then have some honorable mentions that dint quite make the cut(i wont talk about the ones i have reviewed already)

Honorable mentions:

Night Train to Lisbon

Warm Bodies (Who would have thought a stupid idea like this could have made for a good film?)

Stark Trek :  Into The Darkness ( It’s epic, it’s Star Trek with a whole lot of fan service! enough said)

Evil Dead  (Out of all the people to get remaking right, Evil Dead ? Seriously?)

Killing Season (Robert De Niro keeps going at it making movie after movie and i got to hand it to him and John Travolta this is a really cool movie.)

Kon Tiki ( See our review here)

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