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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 cover
8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Graphics/Artstyle: 8/10

Voice-acting | Immerse moments | Storytelling

Predictable events | Weapon sounds

Many remember the first season of Telltale’s Walking Dead. It was a surprising game that came out of nowewhere, from a small company that no one knew about back then, but we all know them now, and telltale has been doing pretty good work since then with the dramatic and imersive Walking dead’s first season and lately “Wolf among us”. There were concerns about the second season from Walking Dead, since that instead of playing with a grown man, you’d play with Clementine, the child from the first season, and that with this, they couldn’t go as far with violence and intense scenes, but boy were we wrong about that.

The first episode starts with a brief recap of the previous events, which could have used a bit more length and content, since players who haven’t played the series in a while, may have some problems remembering the key events and more important, the key decisions and consequences they made in the past. After this, we get back to clementine and we continue where we left of. Not surprisingly, things end up taking a turn for the worse early on, and our character is left alone, having to survive by herself and it’s here where the fun starts.

Telltale is no stranger to telling things how they really are or how they would be, and in this first episode they take this to the a whole new level of drama and believability than in any other game, so it’s safe to say that as of now, this may be the most intense experience they have ever released. To keep this review without spoilers, I can not entirely describe these bold scenes, but trust me when I say that with this single episode you’ll go trough sadness, anxiety, fear, and most of all, pain. It’s one game that successfully conveys these emotions to you, and you will love every second of it.


Graphically, telltale is back with it’s signature art-style, and players may notice some improvements in the way they illustrate the world, but there is not that much of a difference from what they usually do. One thing that they are sure doing in a more fluid manner, is the gameplay and it’s transitions between quicktime events, button mashing, dialogue and exploration scenes, which are better than ever. It’s better than ever, and players will feel that everything flows between these very smoothly. There are however some things that may bug some players. For a game where they have modeled perhaps 3 or 4 guns, they could’ve added more detail to these, or at least moving parts. I know that you may think i’m nitpicking here, and i’d think that too at first, since the focus of this game is offering us a good narrative, but when you are showing a nervous character trying to reload a bolt action rifle amidst a dramatic and fast paced scene, and you see his hands going trough the model and the weapon’s parts not moving at all creates a fairly hilarious or annoying scene to watch, which was surely not intended, but then again, it’s only a small detail that won’t really have an impact on the whole thing. Some better gun sounds wouldn’t hurt either, especially when you have such amazing voice acting put into this game, and I would like to congratulate Melissa Hutchison, which plays Clementine and all the rest of the cast who delivers a deep, outstanding and convincing work which definitely plays a huge role on the quality of this game.


One thing that left me disappointed were convenient and predictable action scenes, such as when a character drops something important near that hole in the wall, that blatantly tell an experienced player “Hey, here comes an action scene, ready up for button mashing” which kinda ruins the fun and suspense. There are few of this scenes along the first episode, and it’s a pity because to contrast with this,  episode also has some big, well executed surprises which only tell us that telltale should know better by now.


Concluding, The Walking Dead Season 2, episode 1, reignites the franchise once again, and delivers a powerful, intense and deep experience, that will not disappoint fans. The voice acting is excellent, gameplay has been improved, and so has the length of a usual episode, that will range from 1 hour and a half, to 2 hours, not counting on the replayability factor to make different choices and actions. There are both shocking and emotional events that happen, more than in ever previous walking dead episode, which will stay in player’s minds for some time. There are some worse aspects about it, incluiding some gun sounds that are starting to sound a bit too simple and some predictable scenes, but they are hardly worth mentioning when faced with the positive aspects. This first episode leaves a strong impact and will only leave fans eagerly awaiting whats to come. I highly recommend you to play it, but you migth like to, if you haven’t yet, play the first season, because you are missing out on an excellent franchise as a whole.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 is available in Steam at 22,99 euros.

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