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Hello my friends in 2007 there was a fake trailer segment in the movie called Grindhouse, this trailer gained its popularity and it spawned a movie 3 years later called Machete, it was awesome and a very interesting satire of grindhouse films and Mexican/American relationships,at the end of such movie they left us with a message, machete will return… This Is Machete Kills!!!

Okay so it wasn’t presented that dramatically but believe me when i said i loved the first machete, it may not have been for everyone but the satire and the world they created was so awesome that I couldnt ressist this movies apeal, and learning it had a sequel I couldn’t believe it before i saw it, and man when i saw it, I have never left the theater with a bigger smile on my face then with machete kills, and thats quite an achievement, lets see why that is.

Machete likes!

Directed this time by only half of the duo of the last film Robert Rodriguez Machete Kills looked bigger and crazier than ever, I can definitely say that it turned some people off from seeing it, Which was a shame as i see it because this movie is worth a watch especially if you are sick of all the based on a true story dramas or the overblown overudjected action films that this movie parody’s so well, they even joke about the immortal main character when machete gets caught by the police.

But lets start from the begining this movie kicked off with a trailer for the next movie, No im not joking a full on trailer for the next film and it is freaking isane, the first one is a satire of grindhouse films the second one is a satire of overblown action/superhero movies and the third one, I kid you not is a satire of Sci-Fi films,you havent lived till you’ve seen Danny Trejo in a flimsy space suit, yes… But I’ll get to that film if machete kills makes enougth money for a sequel which I hope it does, after that we kick off with the actuall movie while Machete and Jessica Alba from the last film are running a gig stoping some corupt military guys from selling weapons to the cartels, and I would really hate them for using computer effects but honestly i just think its a parody of all the cgi we see now a days and it was hillarious to watch so ill give them a free pass on that one, well the cartel shows up wrecks alot of shit and then some other group of dudes shows up out of nowhere and their masked leader as a lazer gun which he uses to shoot jessica alba in the head which makes machete very sad and also angry, Later on the president of the united sates played by Carlos Estevez calls in machete for a job only he can do, it seems that a madman in mexico as a missile aimed for the united sates and machete needs to go in and kill him, this proves dificult when our split personality madman played by Demian Bichir tunes the bomb to his heartrate, this forces Machete to kill and to leave Mexico with him while a bunch of bounty hunters and a revenge thirty bordello tries to kill them, and if you thougth that was where the movie ran it’s course you are wrong, theres is a hole thing later on with Mel Gibson’s character an inventor that claims to see the future and invent thing he sees from the future, it’s nuts absolutely nuts and withougth a doubt the most unpredictable movie ive seen lately.

As is costumary with still in theater movies I will stop my plot recap there and talk about something else, for one I will say this about the movie, the acting is flawlesss there isnt a bad actor or a bad performance anywhere to be spotted, even Lady freaking Gaga turns in a good role the whole 5 minutes that this movie could afford her being on screen, and it has star power, Mel Gibson, cuba gooding junior, Antonio Banderas, Charlie Sheen I mean Carlos Estevez, Michele Rodriguez and even Tom Savivini comes back to once again play Osiris it’s pretty damn impressive, and ontop of good actors the characters are also surprisignly well written and intresting, The split personality guy that alters between a revolutionary and a madman killer, the Chameleon that can change faces, Voz the future seeing inventor, the bordello that has whores trained to kill and a leader that has a steel bra equiped with miniguns and another weapon which is also a refrence to a quentin tarantino film, so its safe to say that these characters are really awesome and actually have intresting backstory that may be a bit to dark for this movies tone but I found them fitting enough.

SHE is back and awesome as always.

Like I mentioned before this movie is a parody of huge overblown action/superhero movies and I spotted refrences from Marvel movies to Die Hard and probably a bunch others that i dint get, and that brings me to the downside of this movie, if you don’t find it it funny there really is no reason to watch it, you can still apreciate its acting and characters and satire elements but if you dont find it funny or awesome most of this movie will be lost on you and you mostly likely will not enjoy it, i give this a general warning as this is not a movie for everyone and you need to be a specific mood to see it, but I love it and ill come to this movies defence anytime.

Techno machete.

Machete Kills was a rampaging bullet spewing explosion of everything I love in a good complete nonsense fun movie, I’ll recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the first one and who is craving a change of pace from our recent releases, and now I’ll wait for the release of the next movie Machete Kills Again….In space!

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