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Look out guys we have a solo project on our hands.

Brought to you from Director/writer/main star Joseph Gordon Levitt Don Jon was a film that dint really get me interested right from the beginning and I even considered skipping it, but all in all, I’m glad I dint, let’s check out what Don Jon has going for it.

You will most likely starting viewing this film with a few questions on your mind, mainly what the hell is this about? well when it begins after a seizure inducing title sequence, and I’m serious about that by the way if you are epileptic you should do you research before watching this film there are alot of flashing images here and there which are unsafe even to people not suffering from that condition, alas when the movie starts you quickly begin enjoying its style pacing and acting more than actually caring about any of that, but to answer that question what is this movie about? it’s about porn, sex, masturbation and romance, and if that sounds like a American pie sequel believe me when I say it is not, Don Jon shows an amazing level of maturity in how it handles these subjects never shying away from something and even making a few interesting points about sexuality in general.

Tony danza was pretty awesome has the sterotypical football watching dad.

Don Jon himself his a somewhat interesting human being he doesn’t have much in life but he seems content with everything he has, well nearly everything but I’ll get to that, according to him he only has a few things that matter to him in his life, His ride, his house, his church, his family, his boys, his girls and porn, I know that last one sounds a bit weird but he was just being honest, as it is Don Jon is immediately likeable as the playboy of his group of friends rating girls in a 1/10 scale while in a club(I can’t confirm or deny if the pure news team engages in these activities) and it is in this scene that two important things happen, for one we meet Scarlet Johansson, and for another the amazing editing and pacing his on full display, this movie brings excitement when it needs to it holds comedic pauses well and can even handle emotional scenes really well, for a directorial debut I must say major props to Joseph Gordon Levitt, sorry I dint like you in Looper man turns out your pretty damn good.

Gotta love how she has a spotlight on her at the bar.

And yes Scarlett Johansson is presented to us and she becomes the focal point of don jons life up until the beginning of the third act, see Don Jon has a problem, he can never get real sex to be has good has porn, he even makes a pretty good case why that is, so he thinks it’s time for something different, commitment, so he devotes his life to please Ms.Scarlett and for fear of running the movie for you I will stop with the story recap about here, but I will talk about one thing that’s amazingly important in movies and matter everything to me, the characters, and don Jon defiantly got this right, while the characters weren’t shake spearing levels of depth and finesse they were both extremely funny and realistic, just the right amount that they have defining character traits but you can still assign people you know to these roles, The friends the family even the girls he meets along the movie, They all walked the line between stereotype and believability and walked it well, making for some great scenes of both comedy and drama, and oh my god the sister, the sister was so awesome, and it’s really stupid because like nearly everyone now a days she spent all of the movie with her face in her phone it got to a point where it was hilarious to see her not even say a word, but when she finally does, man…that while predictable was kickass, and a character played by Julianne morre (she was also amazing and very different from the roles she usually plays )that was introduced later on which I won’t go into much detail over but she basically becomes Don Jons friend and she is handled amazingly well, this movie could have been dirt simple and played up for a cheap laugh like if the moral was, oh you just have to find the right hot girl to bang, but really it handled it with maturity and ended up even teaching something about relationships and sex to the audience.

Another interesting thing about this movie, its essentially a romance, at its core that is what it is, what I love about that was that the movie was so aware of the category it was fitting into it that they even flat out mentioned it when Don Jon and Scarlett go out to the movies to watch a complete satire of a cheesy love flick, This movie knew what it was and how to deal with itself, another aspect that was well done was the church, when dealing with religion one usually tends to get nervous about pissing certain people off, yet they did it with no problem whatsoever, don Jon accepts taboos as just a part of life and I applaud it for that, one last praise I will give the movie before I talk about its flaws was that this movie did something that I don’t see very often, establishing a routine, we see Jon go through his routine from cleaning his house to working out at the gym going to church yelling at other drivers in the freeway going out to clubs and picking up chicks, and then when other characters like Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore enter the picture, we see his routine change and I couldn’t really  think of a better way to show that impact on his life, it was defiantly another major point in movies favor.

Pretty awesome ride

Now for the bad stuff, Well let’s talk about a little thing I hate about film, Predictability, whether from the extensive years that the film industry has or just the directors flaw there are a few things you see coming a mile away, and yes that is the case with Don Jon, not everything was predictable I dint know where his relationship with Scarlett was going but there were more than a few things that were predictable and yes it did become a problem, however like I said everything was so well justified within the characters that i really must give credit where credit is due, yes it was predictable but the way that they handled it was masterful in some scenes, a lesser creative team would have just have only hot girls has the subject of Don Jons interest, other creative teams may have played it up for laughs more,  someone else might have just have your standard happy ending instead of changing it up a bit to suit the characters, this excused itself a bit, and like I said before sometimes the friends were just the friends and not individual characters but this dint get much in the way and it only happened a few times, and alas I must say if you are an action movie fan and only watch movies for some bigger dramatic events, this won’t really be your style, don Jon is more about just life, a piece of this man’s life and how people change him, his relationships with other people and his routine, and has someone who could relate to some stuff in this movie I was fine with that and I consider myself able to enjoy any style of movie if it’s done well, but  still the warning remains.

In conclusion I think Don Jon is a movie everyone should try to see, unless what I just described doesn’t interest you all that much, still don Jon not only had interesting ideas to share, it shared them well and was pretty damn well executed to boot, Mr. Joseph Gordon Levitt all I can say is good job and good luck for your future projects, Don Jon earns my full fledged recommendation.

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