Anomaly 2

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Story: 7/10

Inovative and solid design | Fun campaign | Interesting multiplayer

Lack of people in multiplayer | No zoom capibility

Anomaly 2

Once a simple yet challenging tower offense smartphone game, Anomaly set its players with a fight for our planet for a threat that came out of nowhere.

Following the foot-steps of Anomaly 1, this new game for the PC platform tries to retain the basic yet challenging aspect of the original game.

The game has a variety of places with different weather and landscapes.

You start the game being Captain Poise who’s in charge of recovering a project regarding a weapon that could defeat the entire Machines, a race of violent machines that invaded us and want our planet. However you and the rest of your platoon die and you jump into your definitive character, Sargent Simon Lynx.

The first missions are a VR training to teach you the basics of the game, but the real game soon starts when the VR Chamber you are is destroyed by a raid and you get in charge of your own platoon.

The VR training eliminates most of the graphics’ distractions, which helps with learning.

Graphics are quite better than you’d expect for a game like this as they don’t take your focus to unnecessary details but they’re still well done and appellative.

Showing it self like a rather simple game at first, you’ll eventually end up having to work very fast on the more crowded levels, deploying abilities like “Repair” and “Decoy” on the battlefield with your Combat Suit and figuring out the best strategy and approach to reach your objectives.

You can buy up to 6 vehicles; you can choose from 5 different vehicles each one with its unique transformation. You can turn a Minigun tank into a Mech that shoots flames! Each transformation has its advantages and disadvantages and you can morph your units very easily and fast to adapt to the combat scenario. You’ll also gain and encounter resources that you can use to buy more tanks or upgrade the ones you already have.

The unit varieties in the game.

With 14 levels, most of the levels have their own way of being one with different objectives but most of them involve you clearing an area and getting to an extraction point. As I said, you’re the one who chooses the best approach. Should you avoid a big tower or face 4 smaller towers?

In the end of each level you get an info display with all your points and even medals depending on your performance on the battlefield, this is interesting and at the same time gives you a good sense of accomplishment for having took down all those nasty towers. The game also counts with Steam Achievements.

Story-wise, the game is pretty easy to follow but it can get you a bit confused if you’re not paying attention, it takes you around 6-8 hours to complete the campaign and you will probably fail a couple of times because you can get distracted by your planning that you forget to fix the tanks. I would have liked to see more cut scenes in between the levels and the story could’ve been more worked on.

The UI is pretty simple and not hard to learn, you’ll master all of it on the first level.

The multiplayer which is a new feature in this game is fun to play and let you try new tactics; you can play as either the squad (the tanks) or the Machines (the towers) which brings you to a whole new game-type: tower defense.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a long time to get on a multiplayer match because the player base is quite small, you have no bots and a way to change this could be to tell the players throughout the campaign that they have a multiplayer feature to try.

The Machines view of a multiplayer game.

Overall this is a good game with a solid design that won’t disappoint the genre, mixes RTS with tower offense and if you like RTS or anything related with towers, you’ll like this very good and modern approach.

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