Meet The Team


  Pedro “Gunz” Relvas

Age : 18

Occupation: Animation degree and Editor in Chief

My name is Pedro Relvas, my gaming life started with 5 years old with my very first game DOOM from there i decided

to explore further this amazing world, decided to buy PS1 and played hundreads of games on it till the day i decided

to get a PC, from there i started with Enemy Territory and Battlefield as my main games.

How do i got into this business? In 2008/2009 i’ve joined my first website of gaming news, it was a pro gaming website andi’ve worked as a news editor and did some random reviews then and there, in 2010, i’ve joined up with a friend and we created the good old Glimpsedog, the top gaming website from 2010-2011, always on site and always on all events, after the closure of the website i’ve worked as a freelancer for various websites small names and big names.

These days i play in a professional DOTA team and i’m the Editor in Chief here on Pure News, you can expect from us professionals at their job doing their best to bring you information from the industry by gamers from gamers.

I’m mostly into sports, going out with friends and work here on Pure News and playing in a professional DOTA team.


  Miguel “The Animator” Felix

Age : 16

My name is Felix, I was born November the 8th 1996, I am a fairly casual gamer: I started back on the PS2 so I never played really old school stuff like the PS1 or GameCube.

The first game I ever played was Tekken 4 and I was instantly a fan, I have played games all my life really it was only about when I got into movies that I really became more casual.

I decided to become a filmmaker due to the help of James Rolfe over at and later I found my true calling in animation and drawings.
I love to rage against movies and games because I am passionate about good art and I can get pretty pissed off at bad art (of any kind that has no excuse to be bad) and yes I do consider some videogames to be art, it can get pretty hilarious.

What I hate the most about bad art is bad art that is made only to make money , I’m going to be mainly the movie critic and reviewer for this site so expect some movie news and a lot of reviews from me.


  Francisco “Frank Rod” Rodrigues

Age : 19

Hey guys, my name is Francisco Rodrigues, but you guys can call me by my nick “Frank Rod”.

I’m currently taking a degree in animation, and I’m also a good guy artist sometimes.

I like to hang out with friends, manage projects, cinema, occasionally drive my car fast and pretend I’m at Nürburgring, play videogames that are actually worth it and provide me with some epic, enjoyable moments.

But let’s get down to the core business, guys!

Whether it’s a movie or a videogame, I demand realism and authenticity!

KEEP CALM and KEEP IT REAL… for Frank.

Double if it is a simulation game (game type which I’m kindly fond of) and second to that there is the story-telling element, which is also rather crucial to me.

So, basically, I’m the reviewer here that takes care of simulation games, the sci-fi genre and everything else that requires my attention.

A big hug to you guys, and see you in the tracks or the skies out there.

Frank out!