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Marvel Heroes

A small gameplay trailer for our upcoming review (Footage was captured during the game preview in the latest open beta)

Gunz -

I’ve been exicted for Marvel Heroes ever since March 2010, this game what the features that I’ve been dreaming for years. A Diablo 2 game combined with MMO features AND the Marvel Universe! David Brevik was the man behind this idea, the creator of Diablo 1 and Diablo

Marvel Heroes is a click-and-loot play like Diablo an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game), the game puts you in the boots of your favorite marvel characters on a quest to stop Dr Doom who is in possesion of the cube (Tesseract for those who know it this way) and he is gathering all sorts of villains, to stop us not getting to him, the story is being writen by Brian Michael Bendis one of the major writers for Marvel Comics

Quickly you get used to the game, the tutorials are fast and simple although they could’va been more clear, not all of us played Diablo back in the old times and can find hard to get used to the game at the beginning.

You start the game in the Avengers Tower after it’s given to you the mission you talk to Vision and you head out to the S.H.I.E.L.D prison to stop the villains from escaping it, but without any sucess and any luck Living Laser and Green Goblina are waiting for you in their boss rooms. After sucessuly defeat Green Goblin, Maria Hill tells us to go talk to the big boss Nick Fury, we head out and talk to him next to the chopper that will take us back to the Avengers Tower.
After this quick tutorial, our S.H.I.E.L.D friends tell us that we need to head out to Hell’s Kitchen to help retrieving an old magic tablet that is in possesion of our dear Mafia friends of Kingpin. We  quickly found out that Dr. Ocutupus was planning on stealing the tablet, so we proceed to stop him.

Felix -

Marvel , what is there to say about marvel, I really love them and most of us here at Pure|News do too, all the comics I have are from Marvel. I always watch the movies and I see some of the motion comics I really enjoy, but games are a beast of a different breed, there’s been good ones for example I really liked the Ultimate alliance series, a few spider-man games were really good, Hulk ultimate destruction was awesome and I actually really liked the Ghost Rider game probably more than I should of (it was at-least better than the movie),Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects, and of course Marvel Superheroes.

But there’s always two sides to a coin and they’re were also a lot of bad Marvel games like the Thor movie tie in game, the Avengers: Battle for Earth (I’ve heard It’s not that bad though) the old Spider Man games,Captain America Super Soldier,Iron Man 2 and the list goes on.

Those bad games share a lot of the same flaws, they count on the popularity of the heroes alone to make a good game so things are cut out on the content and the story gives us a bare bones experience that most times fails to capture the right feel for the Superheroes they’re portraying.

Having the opportunity to interview David Brevik definitely got me even more hyped for this game, the developers were great on providing pre launch content for the fans such as:  videos featuring the voice actors, plenty of awesome trailers showing of the game, detailed character bios including backstory and it’s costumes.

When I first logged into this game man!!! I had a frustrating first impression, which was in fact due to a patch that made certain laptops run the game at pre alpha levels of graphics, I got a very up close and personal view at the bones of the game, but that was swiftly patched and I got to experience the great graphics of the game even with my PC that doesn’t even meet the system requirements. Despite the graphics I was running, the gameplay did impress me, I picked Thor and man I felt like Thor, he felt power-full and bad-ass.

This game feels similar to Diablo in the sense that you have talent trees with different powers that you can upgrade and unlock. You have gear you can pick up, one thing I liked about the gear that I haven’t seen done yet was that certain gear gave you certain powers for example: Thor has this lightning strike (that you were able to see on our gameplay video on the top of the page) and you can pick up a chest piece that gives you that power in a certain level , that kinda made me think outside the box not just with my talent tree but also with my gear. I thought that added a lot of depth in terms of role playing elements.

Combat is also good , every character feels like they should, I played with Black Panther, the Punisher and Thor, and those 3 felt very different from each other but they’re are some similarities, most characters have a dash forward attack a knock back attack and so on, but like I said they all felt like they should and it was addictive leveling them up and fighting iconic bosses from the Marvel Universe.

Bosses will get fairly difficult once you get further in the game, Event Bosses are really a spectacle to watch because they appear in open areas so you have everyone and I mean EVERYONE attacking that one boss It’s really impressive.  It’s a little weird when  there’s like 4 hulks 6 iron mans and 3 captain Americas running around but It’s necessary and with costumes not all of them are going to look alike, costumes that are really cool, some models are better than others Iron Man obviously got the special treatment in terms of costumes but you know how it is, I bought the Thor classic costume and the Punisher classic costume and they’re both really cool , oh and I also got the Jean Grey Marvel NOW costume from a Fortune Card.

Fortune Cards are basically random generators of things that you can buy with real money but most of the things you can buy with real money you can get from world drops but It’s obviously very rare. Although I’ve heard of a hero dropping from a boss but it hasn’t happen to either me or Gunz.

Black panther could use some more costumes, because I really love to play with him they really got him down quite nicely jumping around laying traps and using wakanda technology is all really great, I hope they show T’challa and others some love with more costumes in the future.

There have been some lag issues because their handling a lot of NPC’S and a lot of players at once but it runs pretty smooth in instances and the promise of soloing is there just you’ll need some help with later bosses or just grinding a lot to do them on your own but since the community so far has been great I see no reason why you shouldn’t join up with someone and go take on the villains.

Overall U had a great first impression of Marvel Heroes and I’m looking forward to making it my new addiction, see you soon when we review in more detail the full game since I barely touched on everything this game has to offer.

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