Interview with ID@Xbox Developer BetaDwarf

 Pure|News had recently have a chance to interview one of the Jesper Krogh Kristiansen the lead audio designer announced at GDC, that were part of the recent Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Indie program.

This studio is BetaDwarf and they are bringing to the Xbox One, FORCED an Action RPG if you want to know more details about the announcement click here.

Pure|News Question :  - Could you tell us a bit more about FORCED for those who hadn’t the chance to play the PC version, and what could they expect in the Xbox One version of it?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : Forced is a one- to four-player co-op arcade action RPG with puzzle and tactical elements. As slaves in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, you are condemned to fight for your life to win your freedom.

The game features four different classes with unique perks and skills. And progress carries over between classes, so you are free to experiment with new builds on the go.

We built the game from the ground up with co-op in mind, so both the combat system and the unique ‘spirit mentor’ supports this. The combat system uses a system with marks, where player can apply marks to enemies with their basic attacks, and then the other players can spend those mark to unleash devastating special attacks. And the Spirit Mentor is a magical orb, that players have to pass between them to activate special features on the levels, which of course demands coordination and cooperation.

Pure|News Question : Will the game feature any LAN or Online Co op?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : Forced will support both online and local co-op. (There is no PvP in the original game either)

Pure|News Question : How did you find out about the ID@Xbox Program and how has your experience been so far with it?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : We had been in talks with Microsoft for some time, about doing something cool together with Forced. And when the ID@Xbox program came along, it just seemed like the perfect opportunity. I don’t remember exactly,m when we first heard about the program, but we had been talking with Microsoft before that, do it was not like we heard about the program, and only then contacted Microsoft.

Pure|News Question :  Since the Xbox One isn’t out yet in the Netherlands, is Microsoft supporting the development of the game? Was it dificult to acquire a console / dev kit?

Hehe – well, we’re actually based in Denmark, so the situation in The Netherlands does not affect us that much ;). But in reality, Denmark is in pretty much the same situation, with the Xbox One not launching before September. However, once we got accepted into the ID@Xbox Program, we received a couple of dev kits not long after. So it hasn’t been a problem to us.

Pure|News Question :  How are you finding the console’s Hardware and Controller so far?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : It’s really nice. It’s pretty powerful, and now we have the luxury of knowing, exactly how much horsepower the individual user has, as opposed to the PC-platform, where we have to take into account, that there are so many different setups. And the controller is just perfect for Forced. Even the original PC-version of the game was built to support twin-stick controllers, so it’s a perfect fit.

Pure|News Question : What do you think of this generation, and how can it help Indie developers to develop and publish their game?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : It seems that the indie game developers and the console owners have come to the (very wise) conclusion, that they need each other. We believe, that indie games are going to be an integral part of this generation of game consoles. I mean, thats why we have actively been trying to get Forced on Xbox One.

The possibility of self publishing, taht’s been introduced on the new consoles is also a great thing for indie devs, as it cuts out one more station on the way to getting a game released. However, it also creates more competition on the consoles themselves. So it may no longer be enough just to get on one of the console. Now you have to fight for attention, once you’re there too.

Pure|News Question : Is there a chance to see the game going on other platforms besides the Xbox One?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : Yes. We are always interested in introducing new groups of players to Forced. But how actively we will pursure this will probably also be affected by, how easy the porting to Xbox One turns out to be. It’s the first full porting we have ever done, so we are pretty excited to see, how it turns out, and how easy or difficult it is going to be.

Pure|News Question : When will the public have a chance to play the Xbox One version of the game?

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen : Well, we have no firm release date yet. All we can say at this moment is, that it is going to take significantly shorter time, than it took us to build the original from scratch.

We would like to thank the BetaDwarf for taking time to answer our questions, and once we can we will preview the game.

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