Bungie says it’s confident that Destiny will run smoothly at launch

In a recent interview with, Bungie COO Pete Parsons says he’s confident that the launch of Destiny in September 9th will be smooth.

“We have been actively preparing,” Bungie COO Pete Parsons said.

“It’s always scary and exciting and to put your work out in front of people who are judging it but it’s also scary to put it out there because you’re testing whether it’s going to work or not.”

He then continue talking about how the team is investing into the game.

“We’ve been investing to make sure that we have the best experience possible.

“We will ultimately see what happens but we have every expectation of from moment one having a great experience.”

Now the real question remains, are you gonna purchase Destiny?

Destiny will be available September 9th for the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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