Bohemia Interactive releases Arma 3 Bootcamp Update

Bohemia Interactive has released today Arma 3 Bootcamp.

This is a major new update for Arma 3, which delivers additional single- and multiplayer tutorials, a Virtual Reality training environment, a character- equipment- and weapons-viewer called Virtual Arsenal, refinements to the fatigue and weapon sway game mechanics, plus the Addon integration for Arma 3′s Steam Workshop. 

Below are the new features :

  • SP Campaign
  • The ‘Bootcamp’ singleplayer campaign is the best place to get started with Arma 3. Introducing the basic principles of infantry combat – actions, navigation, and weapon handling – a short prologue campaign challenges new players to complete real objectives.
  • MP Bootcamp
  • Multiplayer Bootcamp is a great way for veteran players to help newcomers adapt to Arma 3. Offering a structured set of challenges for both trainees and instructors, MP Bootcamp uses the Zeus framework to give players the tools they need to create a tutorial gameplay on-the-fly.
  • VR Training
  • VR Training enables you to learn about basic game mechanics within the confines of a virtual world and practice without penalty. A variety of training topics focus upon individual gameplay elements, where players are guided to complete simple objectives with the support of contextual hints and tips.
  • Virtual Arsenal
  • Virtual Arsenal is a character, equipment and weapon viewer, which enables you to cycle through and try-out in-game assets, configure custom settings – such as identity types and insignia – and export loadouts to script or used in Arma 3 Zeus scenarios.

The integration of Steam’s Workshop is the major point of this update.

Are you coming buying or coming back to Arma 3 with this update?

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